The Holy Spirit has

The Holy Spirit has been showing me the Bible , old and New Testament. ( all of it is the word of God ).

I was in a worship meeting and the Spirit send his angel and he walked through the room around the people and went to me who was kneeling on the ground, the angel went beside me and stood behind me and opened his wings and cover me like a big embrace, I could feel the peace of God . Then I saw as we praise and sing how the spirit took my hand and took me higher to the throne of God where I saw how the praises of the people were in front on the throne, and the Lord was moving his leg at the beat of the praises, then the praises became people and we all bowed down at his feet.

Then I saw the King standing up and going straight down in a vertical walk to were we were and walk around. Then he took me in this narrow path and the Lord took me to this place like a cave with water flowing and he put water in his hands and began to drink, so I did the same ( in the physical in faith ) then I saw how the water became the Bible or Torah in his hands.

Then he took me to a different place and had something that look like a blackish ball on his hand and let it fall into my hands and this ball roll down to my stomach and went inside of me .

I saw the lord angels standing on a huge Rocky Mountain ( cliff ) in a ledge and Jesus our Lord walking up to the top.

Then he showed me Jerusalem and this patio made of stone and he uncover some of the bricks and I saw a pit and the Spirit closed it and the bricks came back to the ground. Then He showed me in another’s place the bricks being removed and underneath the discovery of chambers , he took me down and I saw the Spirits of many Jewish man going up on a line.

Then now in the clouds I saw another line of women coming from another place and both lines meeting and going up side by side.

He keeps showing me the Bible ( I most read ). And books .

I remember seeing a heavy cloud low almost touching the ground in this city made of stone.

Wow was an amazing day. God is Good Always!

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