I have not been writing

But this is what the Spirit of the Lord has shown me.

I saw the city of Jerusalem and he took me to different gates and entrances and all of them had mighty angels protecting it. I saw the city getting wider and larger in a supernatural manner , I saw the stones on the streets, on the temple, on the walls and this beautiful huge doors.

We went to a mountain not very tall, outside the city, there was a stronghold , the Spirit showed me a man or man like with a hooded rob, first I thought it was an Angel, he removed his clock and look beautiful, but change to an ugly being.

Later we went to a place in Jerusalem where there was water coming out and a pond , near the temple , the water run throughout a river, but the spirit showed me how he closed the gap on the street, the river was gone, but the pool was still there.

Then we went to a place , where there was lots of water, and on the water reflected from Heaven the face of the Holy One of Israel, God the father, so Magnificent beautiful, mighty God.

Then he took me to heaven and on the clouds we saw Jerusalem the celestial city, full of beautiful homes, then we enter a beautiful door , and there were little babies and toys, a wooden rocking chair, the babies were being taking care by women, and there was a sense of peace and love, then I saw a carrusel and a carriage toys that turn into a real one , on the street, and there we were, riding on a one horse carriage through beautiful streets with snow, then we were on a magnificent 2 doors . (And I thought the temple of the courts of heaven, but it was the throne room ),and inside this floor with jewels of different colors, then I saw a wind whirlpool forming on the floor beneath and became a staircase going to the earth, and it changed direction; first left then right, then left again ,the floor was like glass, you could see through.

another day I saw soldiers fighting, I know some died, I saw 3 skeletons , then I saw the land of Egypt and a very strong wind blowing the sand across the land, the wind became too strong that a pyramid with a face crumble into dust and was gone. Later I saw 4 pyramids and the wind will blow and remove layers from the middle , then there was a rough blast and all of the tops of the 4 pyramids were gone.

The Spirit took me to the 2nd heaven, I saw a crocodile, and demons . Then the spirit took me out of there and took me to a safe place where I saw the face of the Lord Jesus on the clouds looking down.

Another day :

I saw a multitude of people of people going east, it was dark and crowded , at the end of the road I saw a pit like a endless pit, the pit had a swirling liquid going down and there were people there. The spirit took me to one and I saw her life . She was a busy mother , raising children, cleaning, cooking . Then he picked someone else, she was a very poor woman working as a prostitute to make ends meet., then a man he traveled and party a lot. , I can’t remember who else ,I believe I felt asleep.

In the morning I saw feet, then the Lord Jesus and his disciples , the lord stretched out his hand and with the other call me to come.

He showed me tables with long tablecloth first the tables being set then with people eating , I saw a beautiful bride and a garden .

I also saw many warriors in shining armor , I saw this big hand picking people up from earth to heaven . I saw the floor made of paver stones and a stair going up , and people sited in an outside patio. I saw an angel keeping guard in the stairs .

I saw a machine that swirls then a staircase from my bedroom to heaven going up or down in a swirling motion .

I remember being bare foot at the beach in the water and the Lord next to me. I remember a big quantity of soldiers on the wall .

Then I was shown a big earthquake , the arquitecture of the place was of a strong building made of stone with big ornaments on the top of the arches and the ornaments crumbling.

Then I saw another earthquake in a building made of brick, and the people who lived there running out the door scared.

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