I saw throughout the night

I saw throughout the night first a city street and out or the storm drain cover I saw this black cloud ( like a black fog ) going out and expanding on the street.

I saw later a cauldron.

Later I saw a house and next to it a big crocodile that turned into a big snake started to go up , then it was in front of a 🚣‍♀️ or ship, there were 2 next to each other , then a third one joined them.

I saw a whirlpool in the water , had the impression there was evil in those boats. , then I saw one bote going into the whirlpool. T saw people in the boats but were surrounded by this winged creatures that look like huge bats.

I saw this 3 times and was difficult to see clearly, the 3rd time ( I thought were different boats) i saw this bats over the people or right behind them and above them around the mast a floating black staircase going up.

The Holy Spirit took me into tunnels to go places, then I saw the Lord Jesus standing on the beach or coast, there was a metal division of the land , and sea, he wanted it removed.

Then I saw A mountain and above a funnel cloud . The mountain had a snake eye , and this evil was upon the mountain. Then I saw the all seen eye of the Lord seeing all, and I saw this eye get tearful. Then the Holy Spirit took me through the eye .

Then I saw this books in heaven fill with words in Hebrew. I thought they were written with gold ink, and many scrolls too.

I saw a being like a man , but the face was like a lizard ( ugly) he started to cursed me.

Then I saw clouds black and white moving one of them was rolling like in a fight .

I saw a forearm with some sort of tribal tattoos in the outside of the forearm, in black and yellow and a bit white.

I saw water in a large river , and the river parted in two forming some sort of cascades like walls.

I saw the Lord Yeshuat putting a medal on a young woman that had her hair and neck cover (Arab) .

I saw the Lord Yeshuat standing very close from where I was.

I saw a beautiful woman on a beautiful white bridal dress .

I saw a carriage with horses, one in front ,three on each side and one back , then they turned into man look a like ( may have been angels) and in the middle the Arc of the covenant. They were carrying the Holy Arc.

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