While in The congregation

While at the congregation at a Messianic Jewish congregation, I felt the Holy Spirit and first showed me this Rabbi doing the same things that the rabbis at the congregation were doing with the holy scrolls.

Then he show me what he was seen, and it was that specific place and the people there.

Later he showed me this people standing on 1 side of a river and the Lord Jesus pouring water in the river, so much water it became so big and deep. The people got in the water and it was as tall as their necks and they walk like soldiers in the water.

I saw this line of Jewish men waking I saw a Very long line of this men ( Jewish they had on their prayer shall ) , this line became long but they were walking in a wave pattern going up to heaven.

Later I saw this lane of Rabbis standing up in a Straight line and a table with food in front of them , then they were sited eating.

Was amazing to see and feel the Holy Spirit in there, God’s presence was there! .

The people were good , friendly and kind , I felt so welcomed.

Later the Holy Spirit showed me different kind of women shoes with legs. And this line of women started do march like soldiers. Then they stop and face the front and Angel of the Lord, carrying a vessel of clay full of anointing oil, he pass and anointed all this women .

later I saw women dancing three circles one inside the other and the first one smaller, second medium, the third larger. ( they would go one direction then stop and go the other direction, ( but somehow made me feel like when I see a stair case going to heaven ).

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