Today I saw … the Lord Jesus

Today I saw great multitude of people wearing some sort of shall prayer or rebozo on their heads, I saw a river drying out , the water kept receding. The water levels every where were receding and the land was trembling (massive earthquakes) where the level of the lands was uniform , it fit like a puzzle, no mater if it was in land or 2 continents together.

I saw this spirits ( perhaps angels of the Lord ) very tall wearing capes with a hood and going around touching people ( then those that they touch were sitting at a table to eat ) while the rest of the people were looking and standing up in a multitude.

I saw a green valley with water , turning into a desert desolate place.

I saw the multitude of people and at the edge people with big weapons ( rifles or machine guns)

I saw this other spirits passing through the people, the people were walking with their kids ( like migrating or going on a large lane) I saw this little girl when she and her mother pass , there was an skeleton coming out of her dress hem and been drag .

I saw more earthquakes and the land coming together right after the water resided and disappear.

The same happened in the ocean, the water resided and eventually gone, the earthquakes were massive, 2 continents coming together going up and down , side by side, forward and backwards until they fit together perfectly.

I saw the Lord Jesus seen everything through out the heavens.

Later on I saw the heavens were open and This cloud like a base of stone , coming Down from heaven, on top of the cloud was the throne of God, and The Lord Jesus sitting in his throne . We was so glorious all dress on white and when he uncovered his face (had a mantle or prayer shall on him ) . It was Him , so very beautiful, his facial hair was longer, his hair was long but comb and pullback , look a little bit different but his face change for a second into the Jesus I normally recognize with his hair loose.

Blessed be His Holly Mighty Name!

Then I saw in the clouds a Holy man of God , and older ( like in a rock kneeling and an Angel with him , then another Angel on that cloud going down towards the earth.

Then the Lord showed me another cloud ( more like a boat with many man on white robs and hoods ) and in the back this Angel and a woman change her clothes, she was coming also to the earth. I the earth ( land ) the man gather in groups and went towards a mountain, they would hide and be sited on a rock making a fire. , later I saw them under a huge rock ( cliff ) and they were standing on a thin edge , and the rock sheltered them and opened up and brought them in and closed.

Then I saw rain coming down ( it look more like a cascade ) there were a few places in the land with water, then I saw the Holy Spirit hovering over the land , there were still earthquakes. Then I saw the Holy Spirit Healing the land .

I saw this river of crystal clear water, and people With dingy clothes waiting for the water to fall on them and clean them .

The Holy Spirit heals the land and I could see trees, evergreens again everywhere.

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