My thoughts

My thoughts Not God thoughts :

While the enemy prepare his troops, that we just keep ignoring the fact that The Lord is coming, and as we pretend and ignore , we wish we still have more time. The reality is that our children are not prepared, they do not have a personal relationship with God, , so many have no idea what God has done and still does. That he is a supernatural living God, that heals, that is powerful, mighty, just and truth.

We were born in such a time like this , we need to wake up and teach our children to rebuke demons, pray in tongues, worship, heal by faith and putting our hands on the afflicted person, to seek the Lord, to have reverence for God, to know his Torah. I am guilty of this sin of not teaching my kids when little. It feels they don’t want to hear . I pray that some of you , make it a misión to go to colleges, schools from college to preschool and demostrare the power of our healing God, then talk to them about salvation, and baptize them with the Holy Spirit.

Hear the voice of God, seek him and read his word. A relationship with God requires more than a few minutes of prayer every morning.

Position yourself in the right place, with faith without fear and let the Holy Spirit take us all the way ( where we could not have been or leap on our own.)

May the Lord most High , keep you and guide you as you seek him this year that begins.

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