Building bridges…

The Holy Spirit showed me a men getting to a mountain, and could not cross, then he send his friend te get material to build and they started to work ( all this look like shadow puppets, there was a Monster in between the mountains) this man build a bridge of metal so strong and long and they pushed until it connected the 2 mountains and they could pass.

Then he showed me a mountain and this mountain got smaller until it had the size of a grapefruit ( it was a rock ) , and started to roll and went up to the waterfall and there was a whale like monster laughing at it. The rock kept rolling until it got to a little gap where other rocks were making a dam. It fit perfectly, in the water where the monster was, dry out, so the monster left .

Then he showed me a snow ball, well 2 rolling down a hill , they had to go back and started rolling again , they went to the top of a mountain and hit it so hard , that it made the snow fall down like an avalanche.

Then a Person running and when he got to where he needed to jump , he stop , look around and went back farther, and started to run faster and made the jump, the Holy Spirit help him cross to the other side.

He also showed me : 2 men , well dressed , some where in Europe in a northern country , talking and one said to the other , that was impossible, it will never happen again. And the other answer just wait and see ( and thought With God there is no impossible) . Turned around and walk away.

I saw the Spirit covering all the land , God spirit was every where.

I also saw various boats ( all sizes and look like made of wood with some vails others without them ).

I also saw later on a chariot with 1 black horse driving on the snow.

I saw a forest and this supernatural wind was blowing so hard ( like a huge tornado )

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