A new year, a new

A new year, a new beginning . This is what I thought this morning before I started to praise my God.

The Lord showed me water going down , I followed the river and cascade, more river to very low in the ground into a cave . And there, there was , next to a big rock a spirit that went into a thing on the ground, that look like a small mouth.

The Holy Spirit and I went in , and we saw a multitude of dark evil people working and in the multitude demons and or spirits keeping an eye, or making sure, that everything run smoothly. There was a great number of workers getting prepared or ready. Then I saw a claw huge that went from a rock into a claw and over again .

The Holy Spirit showed me the church or God’s people, celebrating. Completely unaware .

The Lord showed me. He showed me us celebrating

I saw people with an angel warrior going down the stairs and some water, then a cave . ; at the bottom of the stairs ,there was , either they jump and took the battle to the cave, or not . Another person stop and stood still and by doing so the Angel warrior could not move either,or the people behind him.

The lord showed me a dark environment where believers were together, looking tired, stretching, yawning.

I remember seeing hands praising and can’t remember much more. Just this thoughts that we Do not have time ! ,we need to get ready .

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