The Holy Spirits

The Holy Spirit wakes me trough the night showing me demons and witches cursing me, so I got up several times to rebuke them and for warfare. I also read my Bible, the Lord showed me a foot with a sandal , later I saw the Lord Jesus and One of his apóstoles telling me to get up and follow.

I love my God !a few days ago I had a spiritual experience , all day I had the smell of smoke in my nose. There was no smog or fire anywhere near me.

The Lord gave me another Jewel, it was very bright and shiny and got inside me through my hands.

The 1st Time was a diamond, second a greenish stone, this one everything look grayish there was no color in the vision . But I could tell was very bright.

The Lord also send me a pair of glasses . ( spiritual glasses )

he also is been showing me a stair case.

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