I saw a beautiful

I saw a beautiful white tunic man with very large wings ( I could not see his face ) then I saw the eye of the Lord and from it this warrior came out , the warrior got bigger and bigger, had a silver shining armor and behind him legions of angels in one line going down through a tunnel.

Then this morning I saw the eye of the Lord and the stars in the heavens contained in it . then , in his pupil you could see many people worshiping Him. Then one of this people rich up and touch his eye. Is like the heavens were here at our reach. And a road was form is his eye.

Yesterday the Holy Spirit and I went up to a mountain and above and flew and went up to the heavens.

Then I saw a man standing with a white tunic then all of a sudden he was on the Cruz and back again to be in his white bright tunic, this was the Lord Jesus but I only saw From above from the waist down to his feet.

I saw the Lord Jesus with a green stone in his hands .

I saw the Lord looking down just in front of me. Then He showed me this big land separated by water and a violent earthquake took place on .

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