I saw many

I saw many sandals in a row, I saw roads and tunnels, mountains and trees, then I dreamed I went up a hill on a mountain and at the top I saw a cloud a few feet away. And I wanted to get on it but it seemed I was stuck , almost there.

I had a vision and the Holy Spirit took me in a tunnel but an Angel of the Lord block my entrance. So we went back to a different place where I saw trees, then a Bride . Later I saw a wall and a gate , the gate open and there was a very large table and people standing up in formation and Angels behind them. Then I notice the table was prepared for a nice dinner, full of things.

Later I saw a church and inside a tabernacle, and below a few stairs a wedding. The Groom and the Bride being married.

I saw a stair going down from heaven to earth and an angel coming down and landing on earth , then the Lord Jesus and many angels, dome angels were pushing or moving the Throne forward.

I saw the Lord Jesus walking on a path and many, many trees planted in both sides of the road . Then I saw a huge eye in the heavens watching.

I saw a Pilar that went down and was part of a huge castle that was in the clouds, then our Lord Jesus stepped inside the castle, then the castle became a ship , the Lord was still in it.

Oh the time is closer and closer when our Lord is with us again.

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