Prayer for stopping

We need prayer for stopping the evil in our nation. Every time we see the news you see hatred and killings every where.

Before this morning the Lord showed me 3 new attacks .

The first one was on young kids, Jesus greet them in Heaven and walk with them they were surrounded by angels, on earth their parents were heartbroken and crying.

Then I saw people in a theater and a man leaving as soon as he left people died.

Then another theater were there was some flask or glass container with some sort of gas, poison, germs place under some seats in triangle connections, people died too.

Then just showed me a hooded Spirit going through a huge multitud picking parts from people ( like a thieve) and putting them in a basket then leaving behind curtains .

Please stand at the wall and pray to release the Angels of the Lord on behalf of the innocent, children and people in this nation, to confuse the enemy, to bring to light the plans of the enemy to the authorities ( police, FBI, etc. ) to stop this attacks . And for repentance of the people in the nation that are not walking in a Holy way of living. The Lord said Come as you are. He will transform your life no matter what you have done. Just repent, ask for forgiveness, ask Jesus to be in you and be the Lord of your life and stop sining . To repent means to turn away from sin. The Lord loves all his children and wants them all saved. (We never know if today is our las day , live according to the word of God, with a humble and loving heart ) .

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