The pages I miss, the lord

Finally I realized I had jumped a few pages of my notebook.

I saw the Angels of God dress like knights , ready to fight.

I saw the other warriors on the other side . I saw someone sited in a throne . I saw the arrow of the Lord with fire being shot from a huge bow.

I saw a green Chinese dragon shot 2 war missiles . I saw war chariots.

I saw some kingdom.

I saw land ( usa type construcciones ) I saw houses and ranches, horses and evergreens.

I saw 2 tubs 2 angels in front of it, the tubs became shofar and another angel for each riding on top.

I saw the Throne of God and his elders around in both sides.

Ocean boats, several , then followed by another type of boats about 5 , then a different type of boats about 7 , one of the boats circle around and went to to the front. The Holy Spirit pull me out or zoomed me out , then I saw 7 kingdoms in a circle.

I saw 15 doors in a verticales line angels in front of the doors making a vertical line

Then the Holy Spirit zoomed me out even more and I saw another boat going in circles it was a sail boat in the clouds .

I saw the eyes of the Lord Jesus with consuming fire in them. In them from his pupil a ball came out, I thought it was a ball of fire, He send it out. And I saw light rays from his eyes , and again, I thought it was a ball of fire coming out of his eyes and sending it out. But he corrected me and the Holy Spirit zoom me in , next to the eyes of Jesus ( from the side ) and when the ball came out of his eye , I saw rays of light , not fire!. And the ball was the Earth, then He send it out.

I saw the eyes of the Lord watching .

Then I saw a room and the throne of God , in this room The floor went stone to almost cristal , I saw the cities of the kingdom . I saw tables fool of people in white hoods and an angel passing back and forth I saw 2 very large rooms fills with people , then I saw houses and the land look white , like with snow. There were people in it. I saw a menorah candelabra in the throne room.

I saw feet, this time with sandals in a line , then I saw a room of people with white robs at a table . And near by I saw the Lord Jesus talking to a woman, she had her hood off and was sad ( I believe she didn’t cut the mark ) .

The lord showed me from above the world and the continents , they came together as one land . The ocean was surrounded it. Every single country and island.

I saw the heavens open and the Holy Spirit going forward on some land and a large angel above The Holy Spirit. All this in the heavens or clouds.

I saw the throne of God father , I saw his white hair and face, , he was sitter at the right hand of Jesus, dressed as a king . And He stood up and had a crown and on top of the crown there was a white small cloud . Then he gave me the view from earth looking at the sky, and there was the cloud. ,

The Holy Spirit put a vail to protect my eyes and be able to see. God Father and Jesus are extremely bright, I don’t think I could have been able to see any other way.

I saw 2 spiritual ships going around a mountain with evergreens . Then a spiritual carriage. I remember seeing another carriage before a couple times. I am seeing from above, the ship bellow me and below it the mountain or land . I can see the clouds above and I am going down taking gently by the Holy Spirit, I can see the mountains on the left side , some moving from side to side, others falling . In the clouds I can see the eye of the lord , sending light rays to the earth and the heavens. I saw faces then the Lord Jesus blowing his angels coming from inside the rays of light to the Earth and the heavens. I saw lots of land covered with snow and saw the face of a woman in heaven from the nose to the chin.

The heavens are opened and I can see the clouds moving .

I see a tornado next to the Land and moving outward throw the clouds , passing next to an island, I saw this tornado coming back going all around the island . I see the mountains in the land moving and hitting each other, sometimes moving very fast , I saw a man running down the mountain and an avalanche overcame him and his spirit went up to heaven.

We are going on a bridge , wait is a wall with a exterior wall and and interior one, and a bridge uniting both walls at the top. I see there are guards outside the wall 2 going one direction and another going another direction. In heaven I saw 3 chariots being pull.

Today Oct 11 /2017 I saw the Lord Jesus in the clouds looking down in to the earth from the open heaven.

I took a nap And the spirit waked me up with a vision of jesus going down and followed by a great quantity of angels that were making a staircase.

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