Prophecy vision

My name is Beatriz I am a regular person, The Holy Spirit has been training me in how to become a prophet of the Lord. He started by giving me dreams and nowadays he has given me 2 big assignments. The first one was last years to tell thatHe is coming soon and that hell is real and asked me to share it with the man of God, so they can teach and prepare the people He told me He was coming soon .

Well now this is what the Lord most hight showed me:

The sky like someone looking up and everything was rotating like in a swirl, the Holy Spirit took me to Heaven and in the clouds I saw a man carrying or lifting something up, which I realized was the throne of God. Jesus was sitting in it . The Holy Spirit showed me the sun and the moon creating an eclipse, after the moon passed , I saw the sun burning up with fire. The Holy Spirit zoom me out and I realized I was looking into an eye. The sun was part of the pupil and the color center of the eye . It was the eye of the Lord Jesus . And with his eyes that have fire in them he was looking at the people on the earth. He watches what we do. Then I saw the earth and earthquakes and flooding were happening in different places. I saw walls of castles Crumbling into roble. I saw a great multitude of people, some with light inside them and others without light in them. I saw the Holy Spirit touching some of the people and the light speeding to others. There was darkness I the environment ( no sun light ) . Then I saw the Holy Spirit of God the multitude and they were worshiping the Lord , and the worship open the heavens from the clouds all the way to throne of God. I saw how the praising from the people pushed the darkness away, like a battle in the heavens between good and evil. Or light and darkness. Where evil was trying to stop the praises and prayers of the people on earth from reaching God. I saw as the people worship, the kingdom of God was coming closer to the earth. I saw the Lord Jesus standing on clouds looking down. I saw the kingdom of God ( look like the temple in Israel) and the Lord teaching and speeding his light to the whole place ( he was the source of light instead of the sun ) then I saw everywhere else was dark. As the kingdom of God comes down his light will illuminate everything, everywhere. I saw people trying to hide from the light. The Holy Spirit took me down beneath the earth into a dark pit and underneath Israel there was some sort of idol ( like a hidden stronghold from other gods), and as the Holy Spirit moved , the darkness went away . The Holy Spirit took me through tunnels (some he supernaturally open where there was none ) up and down and all around to different places and nations.

I saw snow and evergreen trees , many of them, and white horses with riders on them . Then he showed me a kingdom or castle and the Holy Spirit went through it, and it crumbled. Then he took me to the heavens in God’s kingdom , and there were light and beauty, and houses. Then he showed me a river an the Lord Jesus was in it. And I got in it. Then the lord Jesus showed me many rows of feet ( his apóstoles, followers , soldiers ) . Then all were sorted at the table all with white robs eating and breaking bread with the Lord . Then Jesus got up and started to walk and they follow him ( Jesus countenance and clothes shine so bright and white ) .

Down on earth he showed me faces of people following false prophets that pretended to be the messiah. I saw in the sky , in the clouds an angel blowing the shophar or trumpet. And I heard it.

And the kingdom of the lord moved closer to the earth.

He showed me people walking, like going south or migrating with only what they had on.

I saw a river flowing in a valley and the water rising and touching some of the desert places or land . I saw an skeleton getting up when the water touch his bones and walking on the water and as he walk he became a living person or came alive. He showed me a mountain with no cavern , but the Holy Spirit opened it and made a way in. And we enter and in the tunnel there was an angel that would not let me go farther. They talk and we left , the Holy Spirit took me to other places. I seen him open a door where there is none or closed one where there is one open.

He took me beneath the earth and showed me a place that had thousands of babies, and a naked woman on a table , like she was a goddess and the babies were being kill and offered to her as a sacrifice. On the other side of her I saw piles and piles of death babies’ bodies, and another pile with just skeletons, the Holy Spirit told me to say “” that it has to be dealt with and stop”. Then he took me out of there into the heavens, where I saw the Lord Jesus crucified, and he rose in his resurrected body so glorious! The Holy Spirit zoom me in , took me so close to the cross, that I almost touch it with my eyelashes. Then we followed the cross vertical beam all the way down from Heaven to earth. ( where we can still bring our burdens and sins and put them at his feet, if we come with a humble heart, he ‘laugh out loud give us his grace ).

Then the Holy Spirit took me back on the earth where he open a crack in the floor, and this darkness came and closed it, and the Holy Spirit open it again , and some souls came out. ( when I see the Holy Spirit is a purple color , Jesus is white and the Father is an indigo blue ) . Then he took me to a kingdom and there in the floor there was an opening like in a spiral staircase . The opening allowed me to see the floors beneath , but the Spirit was swirling like in a spiral spiritual stair case in circular motion . At the bottom I saw water filling up the room going higher and higher.

I also saw in another room an angel then another on top of him and another forming a very big staircase to heaven with many angels. Then I saw darkness trying to stop the angels from delivering the prayers and answers. And again I saw people worshiping God and causing the heavens to open ( not just the sky, but the spiritual heaven ). And as we praise the Kingdom of God gets closer. Then I saw a temple or kingdom like in the time of Jesus, which was in ruins in some places. The Holy Spirit was repairing it. Rebuilding the walls and gates. I also saw in the Heavens God, the Holy Spirit and angels looking down to the earth, like in an invisible connecting tunnel. Ant the kingdom of God even closer to earth. I saw Jesus feet in the clouds and an audible voice told me “you have to speak, there is no time !” This was just the first day sept/28th , for a few hours. Then my husband called me and I had to go and get into my mundane life. When I got in the car ( I was driving my husband car and had not touch or pair my phone in the stereo, and all of a sudden the stereo started to play a song by this lady name Lilly Goodman in Spanish, that I had never heard before. It was about the way I felt and how I always wanted to serve the Lord, even as a child . And she asked God to touch this clay vessel and anoint it , so she could serve him. Just the way I felt but have not put it in words. And kept playing the song.

Somewhere in all this I saw the church or a church building in the clouds with Jesus.

I also saw a mountain full of snow with skiers, and beneath the snow I could see red glowing ( in my experience is fire, lava or evil ) .

I also saw boats and tanks in the ocean , like boats of war.

By this time about 4 hours my brain is fried.

Sep 29

The Lord showed me this morning the ocean and the water rising above the normal tide. The I saw earthquakes that open the ground, and in the ocean a whirlpool, in the water the waves rising and water going above the dock covering it and drowning it , reaching the land .

I saw flooding sand more earthquakes , flooding and more earthquakes in different parts of the world. I saw the land already cracked, shaking again, after a few hours of this over and over I doze off., and when I walk up , before I open my eyes, the vision was going on ; and I saw so much desolation I started to feel sadness and sorrow. Everywhere the Spirit of the Lord took me, I saw darkness and desolation. When I saw people there was no hope in them – only a few still had a light in them.

The heavens were open and there was more shaking on the Earth . The Spirit took me to Egypt and showed me the mountains far away from it ( Jerusalem???) . I saw the heavens open and the Spirit of God in the land . The Spirit took me to caverns underneath the mountains , and as the Spirit went in, any darkness went out . I saw a valley and a mountain up ahead and a huge cloud of smoke ( mushroom cloud ) . By this time I had seen so much, that I was having trouble remembering it all. It was almost 1:00 am . I saw snow , tons of snow in the mountains. I saw an avalanche, and later on, people going south walking. The snow was so very deep that vehicles would not work in such deep snow.

I saw many evergreens, then I saw the same place and everything was bare. Then again the Spirit showed me small trees growing up in that area.

I saw the angels of the Lord and they touch all the water in all the land , and an animal (insect ) was a plague, that was multiplying rapidly.I saw Jesus on the clouds in a big boat.

At this pointI don’t know anymore what went first, or the order of things, so many images in my head

(Amazing experience, humbling and overwhelming) . I saw the people in a multitude and a bride in white. Later I saw the angels of God touching some people and then a church on the clouds.

I saw an open Heaven as I praise God and the opening got higher and wider. I saw the Cross of Jesus with him crucified, then Him raised up . I saw the throne of God releasing water to the earth, and I saw a big flask of oil pour out next to the water and coming down to where I was. My head got tickly and it had been pour on me.

I saw the Lord Jesus messiah sited on the throne and these people in white robs seated too , then the Lord Jesus entering the throne room with a purple cape , as a King with a crown.

I saw me in the room and the Holy Ghost pushed me all the way to where Jesus was. Now on white robs in the throne. I was resisting and didn’t know what to do. And the Lord got up and hug me.

Later the Holy Spirit showed me:

I saw the darkness in the sky receding- as the light comes through the sky looks blue and beautiful again , but it comes from the Lord, no the sun.

I saw a kingdom and multitudes trying to get in. I am going to bed now , I am exhausted.

The Holy Spirit walked me up and showed me my bedroom and at the end of my bed a wizard cursing me and chanting incantations. , (my husband had fallen asleep on a reclining chair in the office ) so I rebuked ( the witch not my husband) and bound it and loose the angels of God on my behalf to fight my fights on the heavens and on earth. I got up and covered my family with the blood of Jesus and started to read the Bible and a little later my husband came back to the bedroom. At got up at 7:00 am to read my Bible, and close my eyes and the Holy Spirit was showing me this dark world , no light and some angels but their light was dim , they touch some people, then the Spirit took me to place like a cave but instead it look like a room of worship . But beneath the floor there were man in black hooded robs cutting or chopping what it seemed to be body organs , and others were written in books . I notice then that it was not a real church but the mouth of a snake- like dragon . In another area were sacrificial pits where women were being offered, and they jumped. The water would drain from the pit and under the water were pointy teeth . I also see teeth everywhere. ( sneak like teeth) .

Also in that place there were lots of people. I saw so much darkness I felt completely lost . I didn’t know I could keep going and I felt asleep.

I worship and saw the heavens opening and as people worship the heavens getting closer unto the kingdom of God was down. I saw Angels and then a Huge foot stepped out into the earth . I saw water, cascades of water coming from the heavens to earth and in the water or with it the Holy Spirit, and everything the Spirit touch came to life. The sky turned blue and the light was coming from the temple, as the light went forth the land begun to heal . And I saw were there were gaps the earth would shake and the gaps would close in a perfect seam , fitting together perfectly.

I saw 2 enormous men coming alive and walk in the mist of people the Spirit showed me every plain the earth that was heal and by this time I was not sure what I saw first . I apologize but I was overwhelmed.

I saw beautiful cascades of clean water, a kingdom and a beautiful land and the sky was beautiful and full of color that change from orange, red and blue.

Somewhere I saw a ( dragon snake like ) be put in a crack on the earth and closed behind it.

Another day the Lord showed me some people crucified in the sea and the tide would come over them.

He showed me many places covered with snow and a few people walking or migrating. He showed me different places around the world, then stop and showed me a house with kids running around (pioneers time) and move time forward and backwards, and I saw the changes throw time of the same place , sometimes the land was beautiful and some times desolated. The Holy Spirit took me through a door that was not there. He opened it and I saw a saloon (like in a western movie ) , and the people’s interactions , and women sorted on men’s laps , later the same place was a restaurant, then a bar then an apartment, then a night club.

The Lord showed me the land desolated , no one stone left on kingdoms or nations . He showed me humanity going back to Noah and his ark , the details the mountains and forest changing into baroness. Very few survived, the animals that once live there were no more, nor the plants.

I saw a moth then a very strange insect that was all over the land . I heard a very loud sound like a thunder ( audibly) . Somewhere in all this I saw a white horse with a rider in the heavens, then running through the world . I saw many countries in Europe and Latin America , everywhere in the world. Then I saw people skiing , then the mountain had no one. The snow was very deep and the water from everywhere in the earth went away under the land , very very deep. Every time there was a crack , canyon, hole on the surface of the earth the land would shake violently until both parts were aligned and fit perfectly like a puzzle , after several hours of seeing this happening all over the world, animals, plants and water gone. Very few survived. At this point I could not see straight.

I stop and ate, and as soon as I closed my eyes The Holy Spirit kept showing me more. He showed me the world that He created (God) land, oceans, rivers, etc. , I saw prehistoric immense animals in the water , wheals then a huge shark (megaladon) and other big creatures. Then he showed me this big animals getting smaller until they became the animals that we know .

The water was so clear that I saw the reflection of Jesus from the sky looking down. I saw it in the water . Then He remove from the water in a pile several kinds of dangerous animals , in an instant they were all gone from the waters.

The Holy Spirit showed me in the spirit faces of people on the earth that had lived there, then he showed me beneath the layers of the Earth 2 giants, that was where the giants roam .

The Lord showed me a kingdom with water underneath and around it . Underneath in the columns there were demons carvings and covers with plaster

The castle above had animal carvings in many places , and I saw many animals spirits coming alive as the Holy Spirit pass near them and acted as spiritual guardians of the place.

I saw a place with naked people engage in sexual sins . And beneath the earth were strongholds of darkness, incarnations, sacrifices, etc.

The Lord showed me when all the suffering of the land had pass God the father , and the Holy Spirit in Spirit form would get together and touch the land . Wherever they went everything came alive .later I saw the Lord Jesus in a heavenly room crucified, in his Glory risen and as a King.

I had never seen the sky look so beautiful after God and the Holy Ghost healed the land.

I also saw rivers, lakes all new and clean where people in the past swim, fished , water ski , became brand new , no pollution,no noise just glorious.

Somewhere before I saw a cabin full of grizzly bears outside . Then they were gone.

I saw beneath the earth in caves naked people and acabe glowing red. The naked people back down when they saws beast coming out of the cave. It was a dragon all black but glowing red , then he grab a huge crocodile and ate it.

I have seen the Holy Spirit circling around like a spiral staircase and right after angels coming down from heaven lining up one on top of the other creating a stair from earth to the 3rd heaven.

The next morning the Holy Spirit showed me a Castle with soldiers on the walls , then they match outside the castle in a very large line .

I saw a missile , then a tower, then a modern city , I saw another missile then another city.

I saw a sandy desert like land with war cars like humvees or jeeps , the feeling of war ( Midle eastern area ) .

I saw the ocean and a whirlpool and a whirlwind going faster and faster.

Then in the sky an enormous tornado from the sky to the land

The Holy Spirit remind me of a snowed mountain with skiers on it. but under the snow you could see the mountain glowing red.

I also remember this faces opening their mouths and blowing air ( this was in the heavens ( the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me something) I can’t remember what .

All of this are mixed memories of the visions ( the Holy Spirit does not wait when he is showing you something until he is done ) no matter where you are or for how long , I think if I carry a tape recorder would be easier.

When everything was deserted there were a few people outside this cavern and I hear in Spanish ( one lady was telling someone else “lo único que tengo es café ) ” the only thing I have is coffee ” , last night the Holy Spirit showed me some evergreens with snow in them , I saw the wind moving the trees with tremendous force , then I saw it 3 times. Then below the mountain a saw a farm house ( country house ) and farther a tornado coming right at them and taking the roof off the house ( the construcción was American style ) .

The Holy Spirit wake me up very early and show me the sky like a opening ( is what I call an open heaven) I saw like wind or rays from heaven to earth to a cave underneath the earth and from the cave underneath the earth to heaven . A connection. This cave was glowing red. The Holy Spirit took me to the tunnel connection , and out of the glowing cave , I saw 2 spirits coming out in the tunnel, one a pig the other look like a human ( I don’t remember exactly) I saw a city with a kingdom in it , it had a rounded top and in the front garden I saw 2 spirits like Chinese dragons ( serpent like bodies and dragon faces ) they draw an s shape in the garden ground one in the left red, the other one a mirror image green .

The Holy Spirit showed me a cavern beneath the earth with running water then an opening in the earth like a big crack and beside a cave , the ground swallowed the water , the earth try to close the opening , but the Red glowing spirit try to open it , but the ground kept moving until it closed it completely.

The Holy Spirit showed me a tunnel with flowing water and also beneath this tunnel was connected with a tunnel in the heavens and a broken bridge between them , the Holy Spirit fix the bridge with an staircase going up.

Then I saw that every time I saw a hole under the earth in a wall , cave it tunnel, was closing , I saw a dark spirit coming out before it was closed. Also the tunnels and tiniest hole were been closed.

Above the earth all the canyons, cracks , first the water would dry up or disappear under the earth beneath, then the earth started to check until every thing came together in a perfect puzzle . Including oceans , the continents became one .

I kept seen this happening over and over, then I saw this green light coming out of some hole . Going towards it , before it closed a large quantity of black demons or souls trying to escape. Then when it closed I could see the earth coming close together from the lower part up , and when the demons that could not escape tried to get out of the walls but couldn’t- the hole was definitely closed. -it was a battle between good and evil. I saw The Holy Spirit closing every hole, nuck and cranny around the world for hours.

Then the Spirit showed me different kingdoms and countries and the gates beneath got close , this happened all throughout the world.

I saw a pit with human souls walking in a circle even there the the walls closed in and trapped then .

Above I saw a flying insect (plague) I saw a kingdom and a row of animals , elephant, rhinoceros , gazelle ( African type of animals )

Back to the world closing gaps I saw a red Spirit on the earth surroundings, and green speeding rapidly throughout. Then I saw trees gone and animals migrating looking for water in the country side , then the trees began to die and lots of people, animals, water and plants were gone in the west side, the lakes and ocean were dry and people walking moving away then the trees began to die.

Later the Lord showed me a deer trying to get rest and shade and lying Dow under a rock.

I began to feel deeply sad and tired just to think what they were going to go through.

I saw a very thin book in the heavens, thin as a folder.

The lord showed me a tunnel going down and then we turn and there was an obstacle , the Holy Spirit pushed it back, removed it and fix the bridge so we could keep going , turbo,g the corner I saw someone was talking and outside this room there was a wall with an eye in the plaster, third eye could see the heaven above and anything between heaven and earth.

I saw a ship in the ocean , rivers and mountains around it , multitudes praising God, an open heaven, a desert area like a war place in the middle east , and water coming in the land from the ocean , was heart to see. Stair ways going down madecofvrock or cement blocks.

Falling asleep.

I saw the face of the Lord Jesus looking down from heaven and tear in his eyes , coming down to the earth, I saw a very humble house with a small stoves, then a mountain coverd with snow , the little house was hurried, it could not be seen. I saw beneath the snow it was a volcano. , I saw a tunnel or pit with a liquid (lava?),

The Spirit took me out and showed me the heavens, it look like in the earth there was an old man in a car, but as he drove his car was from an older generation and he kept getting younger, then he was riding a bicycle until he became a young kid in a trycicle . , left the article to run around.

I saw a man in the spirit bowing down ti Jesus. Jesus went in the water and the man became a little boy playing in the shore.

I saw a kingdom , I saw a big brick wall, and an angel coming out of some beautiful light. And as he walk forward, I saw the darkness in the heavens going backwards, the Angel wings kept getting longer as he walked. Then another angel pass in the opposite direccion, and turn right and the darkness kept retrieving.

I saw several warships , land and army jeeps , vehicles, a house on a river floating away and evergreens in both sides.

A black spirit cloud coming down to earth and coaching and polluting the water. , the water look bad. One huge tornado and a huge huracane in the waters.

Oct 06/2017

I saw a room with a bed and a chair, a large fence between 2 properties, snow on the ground and people walkung next to the fence. One person jump the fence and run to the left. The other people stayed on the right side of the fence and kept walking.

I started to see dark shadows and letters I didn’t recognized

I saw many evergreens and snow, lots of snow, a few houses, then a huge earthquake, The Lird showed me many different cities, and /or nations . I saw darkness in the atmosphere and people , and some God’s angels among the people. Helping the people and shining some light to them.

I daw a staircase and angels on the sides, then the Lird Yeshua coming down the stairs, so bright and beautiful. I saw the face of the Lord in front of me, very close.

I saw a cavern and a table made of rock and a person’s body covered with a white linen tunic, the body got up. And folded the covering and put it back on the Rock ( I believed was the Lord’s resurrection). Then He appeared to his disciples. There was a room with people in tunics and simple clothes. And Jesus appeared and they got very glad to see him , and He to be with them.

I went to bed.

Then I saw a woman crying at the foot of her bed , feeling guilt, shame, emptiness and great pain. I got up and prayed for her. And all the others like her, hurting so much.

2 thoughts on “Prophecy vision

  1. Hi Bea. I read this all the way thru. Did the Lord give an interpretation of this? You must be very special to Him for Him to show you this. I know it may be hard to get people to read this because of the length but I know that He will lay it on the hearts of those that are supposed to read it as He did me. It sounds like something out of Revelation. Thank you for sharing. The page did not seem to be complete. Did you finish it on a different page? Have a blessed night. Sweet dreams. Claudia

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some how I can not find it here, but I will send you an email with the pages I miss, yes is about the book of revelation. He is coming back soon . I will look for the pages and try to send it to you as soon as I can.
      You can see all the visions He has given me, and I have 3 notebooks full of other I did not publish. It was a pleasure to see you.


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